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PINK is the first ever ‘women driven by women’ ride sharing service in Jordan, with a focus of offering, safe, secure and convenient transportation means for women and children in the country. Our comprehensive background/security verification system and training programs ensure that our driver network is efficient, professional and trustworthy, thereby providing a competitive and quality transportation channel to the women community.

Why we are special?!

Our ride sharing services are designed in such a way that, you as a rider actively participate and contributes to the empowerment of  your fellow women. Do you know that we have more than 28% of our sisterhood into economic depravity due to unemployment. Join your hands together to make our fellow women stronger and independent.



Women safety and security is paramount to our business goal. We do everything to make sure that our passengers are safer, secure, and comfortable. Make them love travelling with us again and again. Through the rigorous background checks and verification, extensive training programs, we mold our drivers to be efficient, responsible, professional and likable.



In view of the regions grinding challenge of women unemployment and non-participation of the workforce, PINK offers incredible employment opportunities to women drivers thereby enhancing their economic and social livelihood. We need to realize there are more than 27% of the females in the country that are unemployed and finding it increasingly difficult to achieve financial objectives. PINK, through various funding, incentivization and adaptability programs, promotes women empowerment.

You are in control


Rest assured that you are in control every step of the way. From the moment you book, you have complete access to your driver who will be responsive and flexible to whatever you need – whether that’s a special request, help getting in, riding with your toddler or fur-baby or even if you want to put on your favorite song and give us your best Beyond impression!


Strong community support


We’re a proud network of incredible women determined to make a difference every day. You will not be riding with or driving for a faceless, corporate entity. Joining up means you’ll be part of a movement to empower women everywhere.Our ride sharing service is created to further promote community by giving back to charities and non-profits that work in the area of female empowerment and violence against women.


24 * 7 support


PINK is dedicated to support both

drivers and riders in assisting

their queries and concerns 24*7.

We have trainer and skilled

customer and complaint management

department who will assist you

with your concerns and take prompt action immediately. We also have extensive technical support department who will address all your concerns and problems with the software, networks and other technical matters.