Our Drivers

We repeatedly shout out our goal: We are a people company. The very existence of PINK is in its drivers. We invite young and passionate starters, women drivers to join our workforce to start earning. If you are an existing driver with drivers license, wonderful. Come and join us and enjoy the freedom of financial earnings and social connections. For our drivers, it is the sharing of experience and intermix of cultural values. Therefore, we would like to call them as our family.

Have you never driven before? Do not be worried as we got your back. We welcome you to participate in the ride sharing economy. You have the freedom to choose your convenient time and schedule for your work. You can do whatever you want and go wherever you want. Yet, you are still part of our wonderful economic structure.


As a PINK driver, you enjoy the financial freedom and freedom of equality. We pay as much as the male drivers earn in the country and perhaps even more.

Don’t have a car or can’t afford to get one?

At PINK we offer, financial support in form of initial car deposits,

low interest loans, incentives and subsidies etc.

to promote more people from economically lower tiers to join the

workforce and improve their livelihood. It is very easy to be in the PINK

family and we promise to welcome you all with cheers.

How to register as driver?


It is just a matter of few minutes. Pick up your phone and call us to express your interest and our experts will help you with further proceedings. You can also write an email to us with your contact details for us to get in touch with you sooner than you think. If it worries you to take a long queue to get started, well we can promise that it won’t be any hard to that with PINK. A bit of paperwork and some background verification to get organized in order to set up your unique profile and access.


Upon the confirmation of your registration, we will send you a welcome kit and invitation to join our family. We are very keen on making sure that our drivers are properly trained on the road and driving safety, customer etiquette, communicative and technological training. Come along and our expert trainers will take you through all of these, while you munch and drink your favorite items.


We have a saying at PINK: “No one cries alone at the computer.” If you’re struggling to get the photos of your paperwork or attach them to the form, take a deep breath and give us a call!


Requirements as a driver


  • At least 21 years of age.

  • You have a valid driver’s license with clean history

  • You have a healthier conditions (refer to terms and conditions of health  


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Our Riders

PINK is all about safety and security and that will be the mission for us. We have pledged to provide maximum level of security and safety for women and children passengers. We carry out a comprehensive and rigorous background and security check on our drivers to ensure their trustworthiness and historic records. We also take very strict evaluation of the driving license and skills to ensure the legal compliance. We also give our drivers extensive in-house training in driver safety, customer management, communication and technological skills. Therefore, our riders are assured to be driven by professional, trustworthy and likable drivers.


Technology driven power


Our enhanced technology features offer you superior level of security and safety. Behind the scenes, we know exactly where our riders are and who they are with and we make sure that we keep our eyes on their wellbeing throughout their journey. Riders can also identify each of their rides with the name of the driver, their photo, phone number and car details.


We also empower our technologies further to introduce intelligent ‘mapping system’. This system will track and map the high traffic areas real time and suggest alternate routes to both drivers and passengers, thereby saving time and cost. Our heat maps also generate other information on the areas of high risks and safety and generate healthier notification and warnings to our riders.




Who can ride with us?


  • All women and girls

  • Male school children from the age of 4-13