- Base fare ride 0.50 JD fixed

-  Basic fare  0.21 JD per KM

-  Waiting charge 0.06 JD per minute

Cancellation Policy:

The trips cancellation terms off PINK ride sharing application and the consequences that may occur either by the Driver or Rider:

- The Rider can cancel the trip after it being accepted by the one of the nearest drivers in tow cases:

- After requesting the ride in 3 minutes maximum, no charges will apply or will be deducted from the Rider’s wallet regarding this specific            trip

- A fixed charge of 1.5 JD (ONE Jordanian Dinar 500 Fills) will apply on the rider if the cancellation happens by the rider herself after                   requesting the trip in 3 minutes or happen that the driver already reached the destination required by the rider according to the pin.

- The driver have the authorization to cancel a trip in the following case:

- If the rider requested a trip from or to a banned destination and this certain trip must be reported to PINK’s operations and through the App itself. Banned destinations are restricted on the Application’s Map.

- The driver are not allowed to cancel any trip for any reason except the case mentioned above PINK policy is to suspend the driver if the  cancellation occurred exceed 20 % from the total requested trips

- Pink policy does not oblige any driver for a minimum working hours or certain number of daily trips and this allows the driver to go offline at any time to avoid trips cancellation that may affect PINK strategy and performance negatively.

Refund Policy:

 - No refund Policy