Company Mission & Vision

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PINK as a company strives to uphold values of safety, security, and convenience to our passengers. We project our image as a philanthropic company providing employment and economic opportunity to women in Jordan, thereby extending our help to combat the unemployment challenge in the region. By partnering with non-profit organizations, investors and financial organizations, we arrange financial resources to support the women drivers who cannot afford to finance their own car. The financial assistance is arranged as a low-interest loan, initial car deposits, financial helps for registration and insurance

Our Vision

Our future is brighter, sustainable, and brilliant. By strengthening our technologies, relationships, and values, we see an amazing growth and acceptance. We are intending to catch up with the latest technologies. As an indication, PINK will introduce electrical and self-driving cars in the future. Currently, we will be introducing hybrid cars in the street to ensure our obligations to climate change management and resource sustainability

Our Mission

Director message

We, PINK, envisage establishing a safer, secure and affordable transportation network/service exclusively catered for women and children passengers. Being a philanthropic company, we aim to serve our moral vision of community support through providing women employment, thereby contributing to women empowerment.

Welcome to PINK. We are founded on the principle of offering the highest safety for our passengers. Thenceforward, it is our number one official among all others. As I am addressing Jordan, ‘a country where nearly half of the population is women’, their safety and convenience are the most significant aspects of our business. We take our pride in being the regions first ‘women to women’ ride sharing business with the focus of providing such safety net to the women and children in the country. We also attempt to strengthen our measures of safety and security through our technologies.


We would like to consider our company as ‘a company with morale and passion’. We stand for women and their empowerment. As we go through a time of political and economic turmoil, it saddens us to see the rising economic depravity and unemployment, especially among women in Jordan. Our moral compass is measured against our passion to contribute positively to our economies and job creation. We have a whopping 28% of the unemployment rate in women population in Jordan, which is one of the highest in the world. We are here to change it.


Through PINK women to women ride sharing service, our aim is to enhance the women participating in the workforce. This will give them new wings to freedom of economic opportunities. We are expecting to generate at least 2000 job vacancies in the first year and more in the coming years. We are working on with non-profitable organizations, charities, banking, financial institutions, and personal investments to bring investments to further support women drivers. We give them the initial support for a kick start. We provide financial assistance in the form of low-interest loans, initial car deposits, registration and licensing. Furthermore, we aim to provide kindergarten and day care centers free of charge for mothers to leave their children to safe hands while they are working in the soon future.


Through our constant efforts wrapped in dedication and passion, we aim also to deliver a change to the community and we welcome you to take your role here.

App. Concept & Technology

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Technology is an indispensable and most crucial aspect of the PINK operation. We also understand that it plays an essential element in our competitive growth. Therefore, we invest and innovate on technological systems governing our business model of ride sharing. By harvesting the power of technologies, we give new dimensions to our transportation service/network to make it much safer, reliable, efficient and more affordable.




Our maps use specialized technologies and data learning algorithms along with advanced Geo-synchronization to develop very comprehensive and detailed maps. These maps contain information on traffic congestion, alternate routes, estimated time of arrivals etc.



Safety first


Our mapping software is also embedded with data learning modules that use various information to determine the level of safety while our passengers are in our cars, the places we drop them and the time etc. Therefore, we make sure that our passengers are dropped in the right place at the right time.




We empower all our cars with advanced GPS chips and sensors to help them Geo-locations and other obstacles and dangers. The GPS locators help us understand, where our drivers and passengers are and send them quick help and assistance at the time of an emergency.