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PINK is a ride sharing service that is well designed to meet females transportation needs only!

PINK is Jordan’s first women exclusive ride sharing service served by women drivers. The service is focused on providing a safer and secure driving experience to women and children wherever and whenever they want to go. You are in command of your time and place of your travel with peace of mind. With PINK, Jordan is finally turning into a safer, convenient place for you and your children to move around without a moment of worry. Our wonderful fleet of drivers is available all across the country to assist you and your kids with just click of a button. We are not around the corner, we are with you.

About "PINK"

PINK contributes to environmental cause and sustainability by establishing a fleet of economic and fuel efficient hybrid cars on the street. We also work with investors and regulators in the country to introduce electric cars on the street, adding values to the country’s commitment to climate change management and agreements. Therefore, we are a successful stakeholder and partner to governmental vision of a sustainable tomorrow.


PINK management and executives hold extensive skills and experience in technologies, business management, administration, regulations and policies, communications and project management. Backed with right and visionary investors, the company has a broader and passionate business vision. We are here to transform the transportation infrastructure of the country to a better one.



PINK transforms the Jordanian transportation sector by redefining ride sharing service in the country. PINK is the region’s first women exclusive ride-sharing service focusing on women safety and security. Through the comprehensive background verification and security checks, PINK ensures that it employs the most credible women drivers meeting our highest quality standards.


We carry a philanthropic view of doing the business globally. The ride sharing business is also an opportunity for us to provide employment to the women population in Jordan. In our view, women have a significant role to play in Jordanian economy and workforce. Through PINK services, we strive to open the employment doors to young and passionate women in Jordan.


Our business scope extends beyond offering employment opportunities to women. We put our efforts to offer financial assistance to those who want to enter the workforce. We work with investors, funders and other governmental/non-governmental agencies to develop and implement various funding programs to assist women drivers with financial troubles and help them to start working with us.  The financial assistance comes in the form of initial car deposits, low-interest rate car loans, and private financial arrangements, discounted car ownership and much more.


Apart from financial assistance, PINK also offers other programs to support women employment participation. We provide extensive driver training programs for those who start working with us. This training program will focus on safe driving skills, country’s legal and regulatory systems, customer relations and etiquette, communication and interpersonal skills, technology skills. This program will aid in developing a safer and skillful driving environment in the country. The program also provides solutions to the country’s main challenge with traffic violations and accidents resulting from unsafe driving. Our training programs are conducted by highly experienced trainers, who would develop a strong culture of safe driving within the drivers in our network. Our clients are our priority and we ensure their safety through this training program. Finally, our clients can have their peace of mind while traveling with us.


Other training programs that focus on customer etiquette, communication, and people skills, technology skills etc. , would create a group of professional female drivers. They will be treating our clients most honestly, professionally and amicably, thereby adding incredible values to our company and society in large.


PINK as an organization provides support to our women drivers to manage their personal priorities. PINK nurseries and day care centers are in place for our women drivers to leave their kids while they are at work. This would help them have a peaceful work environment.


PINK is a technology house for solving some of the regions key challenges through our intelligent and innovative technologies embedded within the PINK software systems. With the help of advanced mapping, geo-synchronization, big data analytics and machine learning etc., we develop optimal routes for our drivers and passengers to save time and traffic congestion. We also developed regional heat maps to assign driver priority to meet the high demand.The innovation center of PINK focuses on bringing new technological solutions to stay competitive and meet the customer demands.

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